Interview Tips For Fresh Graduates

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Interview Tips For Fresh Graduates

There are plenty of fresh graduate jobs in the Philippines and every student while studying dream to grab one and hope to get that fat pay check. After graduating students begin the search for their dream job riding high on their graduation success but the picture is not that rosy. With the lack of experience and lots of applications for the same job, even getting an interview call becomes tough. So when you finally get the call, you should nail it. Here are few tips that will help you crack the interview.

  • Preparation is Important
    The best way to ace your interview is preparation. Firstly do some research about the company. Visit the company’s website and get as many details as possible. Also prepare the general interview questions in advance. You can find the set of general interview questions at Jobaxy, a unique job portal in Philippines. We have a section devoted specially to the interview questions asked in the initial round along with their appropriate answers with proper examples.
  • Look Your Best
    Make sure you look your best for the interview. Dress up in your best business attire. Make sure you get a good night's sleep before your interview so that you are not stressed out and are ready for the interview.
  • Never be Late
    Never be late for your interview. Know where you have to go, get the directions or book your travel tickets if you require in advance.
  • Wear your Confidence
    Be confident. You are bound to get jitters at the time of your interview but don’t let your emotions visible to the interviewer. Be polite and answer your questions with a smile. Your confidence and smile will gain you some additional points.
  • Work your Answers
    Many times we are in a hurry to answer, and we spoil everything. While responding to questions don’t just blurt out the answer. Think for a moment frame the answer in your mind and then speak. It is better to think first than giving wrong or incomplete answers. Your answers should be short and to the point.

    Jobaxy can help you to a great extent. The audio and video resume features give you the opportunity to prepare and rehearse your answers as many times as you want before recording that perfect answer. “How to answer” section is also provided for further guidance and reference.
  • Ask Question
    If the interviewer asks you, do you have any questions for us, don’t shy away. Ask a suitable and relevant question so that the interviewer knows that you are interested in being a part of the company.
  • Be in the Driver’s Seat
    Yes, you should be in the driver's seat and drive your interview in the direction you are comfortable answering.
  • Learn From Your Mistakes
    It could be possible that your interview does not go as per plan. You may struggle with some questions, but that’s fine. Accept it and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Learn from your mistakes.
  • Remember, you being a fresh graduate, may not have highly specialized skills and years of experience, but you do have something unique to offer. You need to use your uniqueness to make an impact on your interviewer.

    The most important factor to get an interview call is to craft an impressive resume and register yourself with an eminent job portal in Philippines like Jobaxy that can assist you with your job search. Jobaxy offers you the new-age video resumes and increases your probability to land the dream.

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